“I’m a sugar baby travelling the world for free - I've made £400k being paid by my clients"

The 27-year-old abroad
The 27-year-old has been to Atlanta City, Las Vegas in the US, Mexico, Paris in France and Italy with her 'sugar daddies' -Credit:SWNS

A self-confessed "sugar baby" travels the world for free holidays – while getting her clients to pay for her first-class plane tickets and has made $500,000 (£400,000). The woman, who wishes for her name to remain anonymous, has been to Atlanta City, Las Vegas in the US, Mexico, Paris in France and Italy with her 'sugar daddies' - an older wealthy man who pays a younger woman in exchange for her company.

The clients pay for her flight and holiday, while being treated to fine dining and drinks. Palmar became a sugar baby while working at strip clubs at night and attending New York conservatory for dramatic arts college by day, studying acting in New York City.

She used the $700 to $1,000 she earned each night to pay for her headshots and auditions. When she started dating 'sugar daddies', the 27-year-old got paid around $300-a-date before realising she could up her prices – and wouldn’t accept less than $1k-a-date now in New York.

The woman started getting invited on holidays with her 'sugar daddies' and her most recent trip was a cruise to the Bahamas with a man age 57 – who paid $4k for her company. But she said her holidays are not always what they are cracked up to be, especially after she had to leave her Italian trip she was on with a married couple when they started arguing.

The woman, from Cocoa beach, Florida, US, said: “You only live once. There is literally nothing to lose. I went on a cruise to the Bahamas. I was with him for six days.

"He's amazing. He's a super nice and respectful man. We had a balcony suit. We gambled a lot. It was a fun little trip. I'm so grateful this person paid for it. Everyone else paid for a cruise. I'm getting paid to be on the cruise.

"It's a good job. I've probably made half a million dollars doing this. One year in New York I made $200,000 without even realising."

The 27-year-old started dancing at a strip club in 2014, while she was at college, and could make between $700 and $1,000 in a night. She was then introduced to 'sugar daddies' and started going on dates with them to make more money.

She said: “I used the money for auditions or to pay for headshots. I then started to do more sugar baby stuff. I felt I could do that."

She would go on dates and trips with older men – usually between 37 and 45 – and says she was “grateful” to not have a 9-5 job or to be working in a bar or coffee shop scraping for cash. She used the money from her 'sugar daddy' dates to pay her way through college.

She said: “It was a survival thing for me. I didn’t really have to do anything.”

She was able to go on trips with 'sugar daddies' – travelling to London and Paris as well as other destinations in the US like Vegas and the Hamptons, Long Island. She said: “I went to the Hamptons and stayed in a big, amazing castle.”

self-confessed "sugar baby" moved to LA in March 2021 to pursue her screen writing career and didn’t find clients would pay her as much. She said: “In LA people wanted a hook up for $800.”

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She moved back to Cocoa beach, Florida, in November 2022 and has found dating 'sugar daddies' more lucrative again. She went on a trip to Sicily, Italy, in July 2023 with a married couple – and they paid for her first-class plane ticket.

She said: “A couple reached out to me on TikTok. They said ‘oh my god, you seem so fun – me and my wife would love to meet up’. We met twice and then agreed to go on a 10-day trip.

“I said 'I want to be flown first class and I didn’t want to pay for anything when I was there.' I asked to be paid $4k for the trip.”

But after two days in sunny Italy, Palmar found herself feeling “uncomfortable” amid the couple's arguments and decided to leave. Now she isn’t as fussed about being paid thousands and likes to go on dates and trips with her 'sugar daddies' as part of her social life.

The 27-year-old added: “I love to go out for dinner – I started seeing it as a social life. You can give me $300 – this is fun for me and exciting.”

One of her sugar daddies has taken her on 20 trips – paying her up to $5k each time. She said: “He was so fun. He paid for all my travel and stuff.” She is now writing a TV show which focuses on her sex work adventures and its ups and downs.