M6 Toll fee increases explained drivers left £1,056 out of pocket

The M6 Toll road -Credit:Scott Barbour/Getty Images
The M6 Toll road -Credit:Scott Barbour/Getty Images

M6 Toll fee increases have been explained as drivers have been left £1,056 out of pocket. Over the past four years, motorists using the M6 Toll have experienced a daily increase of £2.20 per car journey.

Latest data shows prices for a single Class 2 entry (car) from north to south costs £8.90 - which has risen by £2.20 since 2020. This, according to BirminghamLive, means motorists who use it regularly are having to fork out hundreds of pounds extra per year

Commuters using the toll twice a day are paying an extra £4.40 since 2020, new research shows. Those who use it twice a day and five times a week, means they are paying an extra £22 per week, £88 extra per month and £1,056 extra per year since 2020.

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Research from car leasing company Hippo Leasing identified the nation's most and least expensive toll roads. The M6 Toll topped the list, followed by Tamar Bridge in second with a £2.60 single fee, and Dartford Crossing in third with a £2.50 fee.

The privately owned motorway toll runs for 27 miles through the Staffordshire and Warwickshire countryside, connecting the M6's Junction 3a at Coleshill with Junction 11a for Wolverhampton.

Tom Preston, CEO and Founder of Hippo Leasing, said: "Our analysis reveals that ten out of the nineteen toll roads in the UK have raised their prices since 2020. On average, commuters now face an additional expense of £129.60 per year to access UK toll roads compared to 2020.

"While the M6 toll experienced the most substantial individual price hike at £2.20 per use, soaring from £6.70 per use in 2020 to £8.90 per use in 2024, the cumulative impact on commuters is staggering. For those using it twice daily, five days a week, the toll adds up to a significant annual burden of £1,056, exacerbating the strain of the cost of living crisis."

BirminghamLive approached the M6 Toll for a comment.

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