Macron Gets Hostile Reception on Arrival in French Alpine Town

French President Emmanuel Macron got a hostile reception in the Alpine town of Savines-le-Lac on March 30, as he visited to announced a new water-management program.

Local news outlets reported this was Macron’s first trip to the region since the start of a series of strikes and protests against his government’s pension reforms.

Footage by journalist Michael Zoltobroda shows protesters booing and calling for Marcon’s resignation as the president’s motorcade arrives.

The CGT, one of the labor unions leading the nationwide protests, called on people to mobilize to Savines-le-Lac, “By car, on foot, by helicopter, by paraglider, by canoe … Let’s invade Macron and make some noise!”

Local news outlet BFMTV reported at least two demonstrators were arrested before Macron’s arrival.

Savines-le-Lac is beside Lake Serre-Poncon, which saw a dramatic reduction in its water level during a drought in the summer of 2022. Credit: @MichaelZolto via Storyful