Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews "can't stand" being linked to the show

spencer matthews
Spencer Matthews can't stand Made in Chelsea linkGetty Images

Spencer Matthews was one of the breakout stars of Made in Chelsea, having starred in the show from the first series.

But the TV star admitted the connection to the E4 reality show makes him cringe to this day as he's so different now.

"I absolutely hate that I'm even mentioned in the same breath as Made in Chelsea," he told The Times. "F**king can't stand it. It's so embarrassing. I was a kid."

spencer matthews
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Spencer left Made in Chelsea in 2015 to appear on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here. He now presents a podcast with his wife Vogue Williams, with whom he shares children Theodore, Gigi and Otto.

While on the show, Spencer was known for his bad-boy persona, at one point memorably telling then-girlfriend Louise Thompson: "It’s f**king hard for me to respect you when you allow me to cheat on you."

"I was young and ill-informed and a little bit stupid," he said of his time on the show.

Spencer has previously spoken about the structured reality programme, calling it "fake".

"I always saw Made in Chelsea as a business, so it's like that business trades on drama," he said on Dr Alex George's Stompcast podcast. "Its commodity is drama. Without the drama, there's no business. And that's how we saw it work.

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"It wasn't kind of like 'Oh hey, they're just gonna follow us around our day-to-day lives'. It was, 'Turn up at 8.30, we're gonna mic you, we're gonna give you a briefing, and then you're gonna say this', right. And it's like right, okay."

He added: "So it was kind of like, it became far less authentic over the years. I loved it initially and then when things felt very written. It was less interesting because obviously as much as I would have loved to have been an actor, I wasn't being paid to act.

"So I kind of just thought well, this no longer feels real to me so I'm no longer that excited by it. And as I said, it recorded drama. So drama, drama, drama. I don't think anybody likes living a dramatic life."

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