Madonna fan who apparently knows nothing about Madonna sues over 'pornographic' concert


Madonna is being sued over her Celebration Tour — again. And the latest complaint is even more ridiculous than the last one.

According to a lawsuit filed on behalf of Justen Lipeles, the Queen of Pop committed a plethora of heinous offenses during her March 7 show in Los Angeles, California, worthy of compensating him for his pricey tickets as well as emotional distress.

One of the complaints is familiar. The start time for the show was listed as 8:30pm, but Madonna allegedly did not go on stage until 10pm. This isn't the first time such a complaint has been lodged against Madge — a similar lawsuit was brought forth regarding the Brooklyn stop of the Celebration Tour, and others were settled regarding the Madame X tour before that.

But Lipeles didn't stop there. He also alleged that Madonna was lip-syncing and "demanded the air conditioning be turned off" at Kia Forum. The singer is notoriously opposed to the use of air conditioning at her shows, apparently due to it negatively affecting her voice.

There was one more complaint that really set this particular lawsuit apart from the rest. It alleges that Lipeles was "forced to watch topless women on stage simulating sex acts" and "felt like he was watching a pornographic film being made." Moreover, the filing said that "such actions were done with the intent to cause serious emotional distress or with reckless disregard of the probability of causing...serious emotional distress," per The Guardian.

The Celebration Tour kicked off in October of last year. There have been an incredible number of easily accessible reviews, social media posts, and other publicity that properly prepare fans for exactly what kind of show they're in for — as should, one would assume, the simple fact that it's Madonna. onsidering that Lipeles says he paid $500 each for four tickets to this concert, it seems unlikely that he went in knowing so little about Madonna that he was expecting something G-rated.

Yet he apparently brought his 11-year-old sister along, a fact that his attorneys — at the Lipeles Law Group, of all places — brought up in a statement provided to ET.

"Imagine taking your 11-year-old daughter to a pop concert. When in the middle of the concert, the women on stage remove their tops and are completely topless. They then begin to act out sexual situations including cunnilingus, and digital penetration amongst other pornographic type situations," it read. "This is with absolutely no warning to anyone who is offended by this type of content, and especially those who bring children to the concert...In other words, people paid thousands of dollars to sit and suffer while watching live porn, including kids, with no warning."

While the legal validity of these complaints is for the court to decide, it feels relevant to note that Madonna's concerts aren't some Clockwork Orange knockoff, where people are strapped to chairs with their eyes pried open as they're forced to watch everything put in front of them. Lipeles was, presumably, free to leave at any time, just as he was free to do even a modest amount of research ahead of time rather than assume every event in the world caters to 11-year-olds. But who wants to bother with things like personal responsibility when you can just slap a lawsuit down over anything you don't like, right?