MAFS AU coaches condemn Jack's "muzzle" comment

Married at First Sight Australia experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling, and Alessandra Rampolla all condemned Jack's "muzzle" comment in the wake of the controversial dinner party.

Tonight's (March 25) commitment ceremony heavily revolved around the dinner party incident. Previously, Jack had told Jonathan that his wife Tori wasn't his type. Jonathan then relayed the comment to his wife, Lauren, who subsequently brought it up at the dinner party.

Jack, who has previously faced criticism over his problematic comments, denied ever saying that he wasn't attracted to Tori and a heated argument ensued, which culminated in Jack telling Jonathan to "muzzle your woman".

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Jonathan didn't say anything back to Jack or defend Lauren and neither did any of the other men. The experts honed in on this during tonight's commitment ceremony, with John grilling Jonathan, telling him it was "unacceptable".

Jonathan then shocked everyone by apologising to Jack for causing the dinner party disaster, rather than apologising to Lauren for not sticking up for her.

John told Jonathan: "If someone said that to me about my wife, I would not back down. I would come out all guns blazing. She's number 1."

John also grilled the other men as to why they didn't defend Lauren either. When they didn't have an answer for him, he instructed them to do better.

Mel was also disappointed in Jack's behaviour, telling him: "I've never heard a man talk about a woman like that."

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Jack told the experts he was ashamed of his comment and had lost sleep over it. He apologised to everyone in the room and said that all of his family would be appalled at him.

The experts explained to Tori they were concerned that Jack was showing her part of who he is as a man and how he treats women/acts under pressure. Tori asserted that she didn’t agree with that and argued with the experts when they said the comment came naturally to Jack.

After a further grilling, Tori said: "When you put it like that, it actually makes me feel physically sick." Jack and Tori both voted to remain in the experiment, although Tori clearly had a new perspective on Jack after the experts' input. Alone, Jack told Tori that the experts were trying to make her turn on him but that it hadn't worked.

Married at First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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