MAFS Australia stars called out by viewers for sexist comments

ben and ellie on married at first sight season 11
MAFS Aus stars called out for sexist commentsChannel 4

Married At First Sight Australia viewers were left baffled by grooms Ben Walters and Jack Dunkley's problematic comments when discussing parenthood and beauty standards.

Tonight's (March 7) episode of the dating show saw the couples opening up thanks to the challenges of Confessions Week.

When asked to rank their core values in a relationship to see if they aligned, Ben and his wife, Ellie Dix, were in for a nasty surprise.

ben and ellie on married at first sight season 11
Channel 4

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The pair hit it off on their wedding day, despite Ellie's cousin Jordan sharing his doubts on the groom's real intentions. As Ben and Ellie were getting to know each other on a deeper level, she discovered her desire to create a family wasn't mutual.

When she explained that becoming a mother was important to her, Ben replied he wouldn't be bothered by a partner not wanting children. Realising they didn't seem to be on the same page about kids, Ellie voiced her concerns – only to be shut down by Ben with a dismissive answer.

Ben acknowledged that having children is "important for females", being confused as to why Ellie would be "upset".

ben and ellie on married at first sight season 11
Channel 4

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"You're a sensitive woman," he added.

Ben's words didn't go down well with MAFS viewers, who took to social media to slam his belittling comments.

"'Kids are very important to females,' many men exist who see the importance in and have the desire to become fathers," one person noted on Twitter/X.

"Ben showing men all around the world a lesson in how not to speak to women," another person noted, adding some laughing emojis.

Similarly, fans called out Jack's comments during the photo-ranking challenge, as he insisted he wouldn't kiss some of the "older birds" and pressed wife Tori Adams to "convince" him she was the hottest bride.

tori and jack on married at first sight australia season 11
Channel 4

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"Convince your husband you're the hottest," he told her as she started listing her features.

"I'll have you up here," he then conceded, placing her picture next to that of Ellie. "You're on par with a couple of other ladies."

"Jack is the quintessential manosphere template," one viewer wrote on Twitter/X, while another user added some red flag emojis when discussing the couple's exchange.

"Jack [red flag emojis] Oh, let me swoon over you whilst you describe why you're such a catch and all these women are not even worth your time," they wrote, while someone else noted he "is going into forensic detail on EVERY woman's appearance."

Married at First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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