MAFS Australia's Ellie 'traumatised' by trolls after secret relationship with Jono revealed

ellie and jono
MAFS Australia bride Ellie Dix has been left 'traumatised' by online trolling after her secret relationship with Jono McCullough has been revealed -Credit:Nine

Married At First Sight Australia's Ellie Dix, 32, has been left "traumatised" by online trolls after her secret relationship with Jono McCullough, 39, was revealed.

The pair, who appeared hand in hand at the season 11 reunion special, have faced a backlash since the show's finale aired.

Ellie Dix's close friend Tahli Passeri has spoken out about the negative portrayal of the couple on the show and the subsequent trolling Ellie has endured.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Tahli expressed her concern over the messages Ellie has received, the Mirror reports.

She said: "It is disturbing, the hate and revolting comments Ellie is receiving. She is extraordinarily traumatised and as someone who has known her for 18 years, I have never seen her so upset."

tahli and ellie
Ellie's pal Tahli Passeri says she has never seen her friend so upset -Credit:C9

Tahli went on to describe Ellie as "one of the kindest, most genuine, loyal, compassionate and loving people I know."

She added: "To see her receive so much hate and derogatory comments based on a substantially edited television show is saddening."

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Tahli also claimed that some of Ellie's most "controversial" scenes in the reunion special were "highly edited" and alleged that the show's producers instructed Ellie and Jono to keep their relationship under wraps from their fellow cast members.

She also suggested that the editing made it appear as though Ellie's harsh words were aimed at Jono's ex-partner, Lauren Dunn, rather than Sara Mesa.

Ellie confirmed this in a conversation with Daily Mail Australia, saying: "I think I was just you saw some horrible language from me and that was actually at the end of the night and it was directed at Sara [Mesa], not at Lauren.

"I never had any issue with Lauren and she didn't have an issue with me. It was Sara who got involved saying that I was just doing this for the limelight."

She added: "It was the very end of the dinner party, but yeah, they didn't show that. They showed that in the middle and It was like I was saying it to Lauren when that was certainly not the case."

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