MAFS UK star Porscha says show helped her discover 'triggers' she didn't know she had

The executive assistant's wedding airs on Monday night's episode

Porscha in Married at First Sight UK (Channel 4)
Porscha in Married at First Sight UK (Channel 4)

Married at First Sight UK star Porscha has shared how being on the E4 reality series made her realise she had "triggers" when it comes to romance, she tells Yahoo UK.

The executive assistant explains that she felt she'd be "more nervous" going into the social experiment, which sees eight prospective brides and grooms marry a stranger who they meet for the first time at the altar, and Porscha has been paired with Terence.

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Reflecting on her time on the show, Porscha says: "I thought I would be more nervous about the whole experience. Very quickly I almost forgot the cameras were even there.

"It was almost like I'm just talking to people that I really know, and I wear my heart on my sleeve so I never really find it difficult to share my emotions.

Porscha in Married at First Sight UK (Channel 4)
Porscha in Married at First Sight UK (Channel 4)

"But there are some things that I hadn't even realised were triggers or were things that were quite close to my heart until I did this show and was asked that question, and you may see that, I think, during the first couple of my episodes."

The MAFS UK star adds that she felt past experiences had resulted in her having these triggers, but that she was glad she faced them on the show.

"There's obviously things that happened in my past which I didn't even realise would be a thing until I was asked about it and then [getting] emotional all the time. So yeah, it's tough.

"But I feel so much better for having done it, because now the fact that it's on TV [means] I never have to explain it again, people will know so it's great."

Terence in Married at First Sight UK (Channel 4)
Terence in Married at First Sight UK (Channel 4)

Porscha is a mother, and says that starring in MAFS UK was the longest she'd every been away from him, which was a difficult thing to process. But her reservations about the show were over whether she'd connect with her groom when they met.

"All I thought about was 'am I gonna like him when I first see him?'" she explains.

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"But then I didn't give myself time to think about it, liking him physically is so different to actually are we going to get on, and I think for me it was a bit of a shock about how intense the whole process is.

"Like you marry this guy and you go on holiday with this guy and it's a lot. I'm a mother, I've never been away from my son that long, so I didn't even really factor in how much that change is gonna [impact] my experience.

"So I think, yeah, for me it was really about the wedding, and I learned a lot."

Married at First Sight UK airs Monday to Thursday on E4.