Are Married At First Sight's Thomas and Rozz secretly back together?

The couple have revealed on social media that they are spending a lot of time on another's company.

Thomas & Rosaline - Married At First Sight UK 2023. (Channel 4)
Married A First Sight star Thomas and Rosaline have been spending a lot of time together since the show ended. (E4)

Married At First Sight's Thomas and Rosaline have sparked hope among fans that they have rekindled their romance. During the latest series of the E4 dating show, the 28-year-old florist and the 27-year-old investment graduate decided to split up during their homestay. But recent social media posts from Thomas and Rozz show the couple have been spending a lot of time together, and are full of gushing compliments for each other.

The pair got off to a frosty start on the dating show with Rozz admitted she was not attracted to Thomas. This led to an awkward wedding and even more awkward honeymoon. During the show, Rozz said didn't feel that Thomas wanted to be intimate with her and they were more like friends than lovers. And she confessed to him during the series that her heart was just not in it.

Married A First Sight star Thomas and Rosaline at the 6th Commitment Ceremony
Married A First Sight star Thomas and Rosaline split after an awkward time on the show. (E4)

But despite their difficult break up on the show, the pair had a very positive reunion at the end of the series, with Rozz admitted she thought Thomas looked good. They now appear to be very close, and fans are wondering if they perhaps are starting to become more than just friends. Here are the hints that Rozz and Thomas might be back on...

Supporting each other

Rozz recently attended Thomas's graduation ceremony to help him celebrate gaining a Master Degree at Loughborough University. The pair both shared a synchronised post on their Instagram accounts both thanking one each other for sharing the special day.

Rozz gushed "Firstly well done to you ‘Master’ Thomas Kriaras for being amazing - congratulations on graduating. Thank you for letting us share your special day! Very proud of you and your clever brain box." Along with several heart emojis.

Thomas added: “Thank you for taking time out your mad and crazy schedule to join my graduation Rozz Darlington!" He added: "I’m so lucky! I had the best people joining me today."

Family time

Early in December, Thomas joined Rozz on a trip to the theatre - along with her parents. The pair went to see romantic love story The Time Travellers Wife the musical on a special family outing. Rozz shared "the evening was perfect" and said "It was lovely catching up with Thomas Kriaras".

She added: "Thank you for a lovely Thursday/Friday," and two heaty emojis, revealing there had been an overnight stay involved in the date.

Thomas said: “I had such a good time spending time with Rozz Darlington and her fam! I’m never not laughing when I see ya."

Bonding experiences

The MAFS stars enjoyed a fun day out at the Snow Dome together in November. Although Rozz friend-zoned Thomas and he referred to her as "the ex-wife", they both admitted they were really enjoying each other's company and they used the hashtag #honeymoon.

Rozz said: “I’ve had the best day with tommmmm!!! ... Super grateful for our bond and friendship! Thank you for being amazing Tom."

Thomas said: “Reliving the honeymoon dream skiing... It was so good to see the ex-wife, Rozz Darlington a relationship may not have come from it all but I’ve got a friend for life in Rozz Darlington!!! Our time as a couple has ended so now begins a lifetime of friendship."

Fond memories and forgiveness

When MAFS was airing Thomas and Rozz both seemed to be looking back at the experience as being very positive. Rozz shared a screengrab of herself crying as they both shared an emotional confrontation on the show.

But in the caption she called Thomas the "most caring, understanding and supportive man". She added: "We smashed it. We came out with an unbreakable friendship, respect and flourished as people."

And Tomas commented: "Thank you for everything Rozz Darlington you’ve done so well and I’m sorry I upset you yet again. I wish it was different! Always here for you no matter what you’ve grown so much and I’m so proud!!! Thank you for everything again you’re one of a kind."Could it be that this close friendship could be growing into something more romantic? Only time will tell.

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