MAFS UK and The Traitors stars spotted dining in Glasgow eatery

The Traitors and Married at First Sight stars have been spotted in a popular Glasgow eatery.

The Scots reality TV duo, who appeared in rival shows last year, have become mates and visited Coia’s Cafe in Glasgow earlier today.

Meryl Williams, who won the The Traitors in 2023, and Erica Roberts, shared the post of them together which delighted fans online.

A spokesperson from Coia’s said they were delighted to have the pair in their restaurant.

They said: “It it always a pleasure to have such well known faces visit our restaurant. 95 years in business and we still attract such big names from all around the world to try our food.

"The stars visit Coia’s as they know each and every person is treated the same. We value all of our customers and like to make sure all are felt welcome.”

After appearing on the show, Meryl revealed she quit her customer service job last year after winning the jackpot prize.

Meryl, 27, won alongside co-stars Hannah Byczkowski and Aaron Evans after banishing Traitors Wilfred Webster and Kieran Tompsett to scoop the £99,000 prize money. Meryl - who has achondroplasia which causes dwarfism - was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA for her stint on the reality show.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, she revealed: "I quit my job back in December. I was working at H&M customer service. I've always had call centre jobs. I've kind of done everything -I even sold solar panels. I feel like I've done them all."

Erica made it all the way to the end of the latest season of Married at First Sight UK with her groom Jordan Gayle, however the pair split just weeks after the show ended.

Jordan decided to call things quits. She explained she was 'sad' they never got the opportunity to tell fans before the news leaked.

Erica said: "It's disappointing that Jordan and I weren't able to share this on our own terms due to the press lead but we would just like to confirm that we are no longer together. This hasn't been an easy decision for us both as we really wanted to make our relationship work." She added: "I truly wish him all the best and there is no bad blood between us".

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