MAGA queen Marjorie Taylor Greene HUMILIATED by Trump snub while the internet ROASTS her

Donald Trump embarrassed Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene by not inviting her to a Republican event
Donald Trump embarrassed Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene by not inviting her to a Republican event

Over the weekend, former President Donald Trump held an event for top Republican donors and party leaders, but one die-hard Trump loyalist was notably absent.

MAGA-obsessed Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was left off of the guest list despite her spending the entirety of her political career simping for Trump.

Even more embarrassing for MTG is who Trump did invite.

Greene’s current mortal enemy, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, was not only on the guest list but even appeared on stage with Trump during the GOP event held at Mar-a-Lago. Greene has spent most of 2024 trying to oust Johnson, claiming that he’s ignoring Republican principles and rolling over for Democrats because he worked with both sides of the aisle to pass a bipartisan spending bill and aid to Ukraine. So Johnson being a part of the even while she was sitting at home in her MAGA-themed jammies had to be humiliating.

It’s gotta sting to absolutely destroy the only shred of dignity you ever possessed by supporting Trump and the unhinged things he says and does — even decking yourself head to toe in MAGA gear at President Biden’s State of the Union address — only to have him turn around and snub you in such a public way.

We’d almost feel sorry for her if she wasn’t, you know....

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The private fundraising event, which was seen as an audition for potential vice presidential candidates, was a who’s who of terrible Republicans, according to The Hill. Republican National Committee co-chair and Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump attended alongside North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, Ohio Sen. JD Vance, House GOP conference Chair Elise Stefanik, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Florida Rep. Byron Donalds, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn, Utah Sen. Mike Lee, Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, Texas Rep. Wesley Hunt, Florida Rep. Michael Waltz, and failed Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem was also there because apparently admitting to slaughtering your own dog and lying about meeting Kim Jong-un isn’t enough to get your invitation shredded. If even a dog killer gets more of Trump’s attention than you, it might be time to reevaluate your life choices. But then, we suspect Greene’s self-respect left the building a long time ago — around the same time she started peddling conspiracy theories and anti-LGBTQ+ hate to get more media attention and pander to the very worst parts of the Republican Party.

The internet seemed to relish Greene's humiliation, with one person writing on X (formerly Twitter), "Ding dong, the witch is dead," and another user suggesting she may have ruined her chances to win her congressional race, "Looks like Marge overplayed her hand. Watch the support for her fall away as voters in Rome, Georgia run in the opposite direction."

The one upside to this — other than the joy seeing Marge being snubbed by the man she idol worships — is that it means we won’t be subject to Vice President Greene if Trump wins in November. Bad news, all of the other candidates he seems to be considering are also horrifying in their own unique ways.

If we’re lucky, Trump and other Republicans will ignore her long enough, she’ll disappear, and she’ll just be a bizarre footnote in the history books.

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