MAGA Radio Host Tells Trump: ‘Nobody Cares’ About Your ‘Grievances’

Scott Eisen
Scott Eisen

MAGA-boosting radio host John Fredericks has turned on Donald Trump, telling the former president in no uncertain terms on Tuesday that “nobody cares” about his petty media feuds and “grievances” anymore.

Fredericks, a longtime supporter of the twice-impeached ex-president, largely took issue with how Trump has seemingly ignored political issues while focusing his attention on far-fetched lawsuits and complaints about “fake news.” Additionally, Fredericks grumbled about Trump privately backing Ronna McDaniel in her successful re-election bid for Republican National Committee chair.

“President Trump is going to do what he wants,” Fredericks declared in a clip first flagged by Raw Story. “I think he should have stayed out of it totally, not even send surrogates. Just let the chips fall where they may. Same with [House Speaker Kevin] McCarthy.”

The far-right wing of the GOP recently pushed for McDaniel to be ousted as RNC leader after the party’s disappointing midterm election results, rallying around conservative activist Harmeet Dhillon. Fox News star Tucker Carlson went so far as to say “we are rooting for you” to Dillon before the RNC election, which she lost by a fairly wide margin.

Echoing other MAGA influencers demoralized over McDaniel’s victory, Fredericks said, “We’ve all been saying to stop giving money to the RNC.” The conservative pundit had scheduled a public debate between the chair candidates during the RNC meetings, which McDaniel sidestepped. In fact, Trump-worshiping pillow magnate Mike Lindell was the only candidate to attend, prompting Fredericks to harshly criticize the Republican chairwoman.

The conservative pundit then turned back to Trump, blasting the 2024 GOP presidential contender for prioritizing his feuds with the press over everything else. Specifically, he brought up Trump’s recent $49 million lawsuit against veteran journalist Bob Woodward over their taped interviews.

“He sent a big thing out yesterday about, I don't know, ‘fake news’ or he’s suing somebody,” Fredericks sighed. “I’m telling you, folks, I’m just telling you. Nobody cares. I mean, they just don't care!”

Noting that Americans care more about the “price of eggs” and inflation, the right-wing radio host said “people are hurting” and “just don’t care” about the ex-president’s Truth Social posts and gripes about CNN.

“I’m telling you, it’s all grievances,” he exclaimed. “No one cares. They just don’t care! I just don’t care.”

At the same time, Fredericks also pointed out to Trump that he has no one else to blame but himself over the dozens of hours of taped interviews with Woodward.

“I mean, you’ve got all the publicity you'll ever need,” he concluded. “And you think you’re going to sit down with Bob Woodward for 100 hours with a tape recorder on and think that somehow at the end of the day, honestly, that that is going to work to your advantage if you’re Donald Trump. Like, somehow, he was going to convince Woodward what a great president he is.”

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