Maisie Williams says 'Game of Thrones' 'fell off at the end'

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Maisie Williams attends the premiere of Green Planet at the Glasgow IMAX cinema in the Green Zone at COP26 in Glasgow. Picture date: Sunday October 31, 2021. (Photo by Jane Barlow/PA Images via Getty Images)
Maisie Williams played Arya Stark in 'Game of Thrones'. (PA Images via Getty Images)

Maisie Williams has said that she thought Game of Thrones "fell off at the end".

The actor, who played Arya Stark on the hit fantasy show, recently opened up about experiencing the series as a viewer.

Speaking with her brother on his Twitch channel, Williams said: "You know, I rewatched it all recently. It definitely fell off at the end."

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She added: "But it started really strong. I was heartbroken when Ned died, and I knew it was coming. For the first time, I could really feel the story."

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Maisie Williams in 'Game of Thrones'. (HBO)

Williams is not the first Game of Thrones actor to criticise the direction of the show. Conleth Hill, who played Varys, was vocal about not enjoying his character's arc over the later seasons.

Hill said: "That's been my feeling the last couple seasons, that my character became more peripheral, that they concentrated on others more. That's fine. It's the nature of a multi-character show. It was kind of frustrating."

Peter Dinklage, who played Tyrion, dismissed the fan backlash aimed at much of the last season: "They wanted the pretty white people to ride off into the sunset together. By the way, it's fiction. There's dragons in it. Move on."

Maisie Williams in 'Pistol'. (Disney)
Maisie Williams in 'Pistol'. (Disney)

Since Game of Thrones ended in 2019, Williams' most high profile role has been in Pistol, the limited series about the formation of the Sex Pistols.

In the show, Williams played Pamela Rooke, a model known for her bouffant hairdo and elaborate makeup.

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Williams is also set to play Catherine Dior in an upcoming Apple series about the fashion designer Christian Dior in the aftermath of the Second World War.

She will star alongside Ben Mendelsohn who plays the fashion icon, Juliette Binoche who plays Coco Chanel and John Malkovich who will appear as Lucien Lelong.

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