Major airlines 'ditch' free sick bags on flights and the cause is 'simple'

Major airlines are DITCHING an iconic freebie – but it’s not all bad news for passengers. Major airlines have scrapped free sick bags in seat pockets - after decades of passengers finding them sitting there, ready to use, beside the safety card.

The bags were traditionally used for motion sickness but today’s modern, larger aircraft don't need them because they simply aren’t as bouncy as they used to be. Many airlines have been ditching the paper bags as a result - due to them being meaningfless.

Katarina Mogus shared on her TikTok account @katamogz that she uses her mobile phone and the sick bag given to you on a short-haul flight. In a video posted to her social media platform under the title “travel hack that is going to change your life”, Katarina shared all.

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She removes phone from its protective cover and uses the sick bag in the phone cover, before she puts the phone back on top so that it is tight inside, and once secure, folds the excess part of the sick bag into her behind the fold-down plane table.

“It’s been years since I’ve seen an air sickness bag being used,” said Steve Silberberg, owner of more than 2,500 unique specimens and one of the world’s most active air-sickness-bag collectors, back in 2014 amid a decline in rates.

“The last one I saw, a passenger had to ask for it. It’s the only one I’ve seen in 10 years,” said Brent Blue, a senior aviation medical examiner and member of the Aerospace Medical Association, during a chat with Slate magazine amid reports free sick bags were being axed.

“Right now, air sickness is almost unheard of,” said Bob van der Linden, an aviation expert at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, in the same interview.