Majorca council 'aware of issue' as UK tourists warn 'stay away from beaches'

Majorca has been left packining as holiday resorts see tourists stay away over a beach issue. UK tourists and holidaymakers in the European Union holiday hotspot are staying off beaches amid a lack of sunbeds and facilities at sandy areas in the Spanish island.

Jaume Salas, the president of the hoteliers, told the Majorca Daily Bulletin: "Many of the users have opted to go to Alcudia, for all the amenities that its beach services... families, who come with children and with elderly people, want to be able to lie on a sun bed and enjoy some shade."

Majorca councils and local authorities have issuea a statement explaining why there still weren't any beach services. The hotel sector in Pollensa is concerned about the lack of services on three beaches of the Port at the beginning of July.

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Salas noted that Pollensa mayor Marti March "is aware of the situation and has shown very good predisposition. The mayor has shown us his support and is doing everything possible to expedite the procedures."

It’s peak season and the beaches of Cala San Vicenç, Albercuix and Tamarells still do not have sunbeds or umbrellas, the Majorca Daily Bulletin has warned. “Always let a lifeguard make a rip current rescue because often, the people that try to make rescues themselves end up being the ones who drown" warned Ocean Today.

They add: "Instead, the best way to help is to throw them something that floats and immediately get a lifeguard for help." The Pollensa town hall must renew its beach service authorization every four years, which involves a fee paid to the Balearic government's coast department.

The initial tender received no bids because of an exorbitant 130 per cent increase in the fee. As a result, Pollensa was compelled to significantly lower the fees.