Who would make the best Prime Minister? Theresa May’s ratings drop as Jeremy Corbyn’s rise

With just one week to go until the General Election, the contest has never been tighter.

Labour are seeing a surge of support in the polls, with some showing them just three points behind the Conservatives – an increase from the 20 point deficit they had at the start of the campaign.

But it’s not just the party ratings that are seeing a shift – the perceptions of who would make the best Prime Minister have also altered.

While Theresa May still remains ahead of Jeremy Corbyn, she is currently at her lowest rating, while the Labour leader is enjoying his highest.

According to polling company YouGov, 43% of people believe Mrs May would make the best PM, compared to 30% who opted for Mr Corbyn.

While still behind, the figure for Mr Corbyn is a marked improvement as he was polling lower than ‘don’t know’ when the election was called.

Currently 27% of voters are undecided as to who would be better in charge of the country.

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While the results may make officials in Tory HQ a little nervous, they can perhaps take some comfort in the figures.

Mr Corbyn is thought to have had a good campaign so far, with praise for his interview on The One Show alongside Labour seemingly pulling in more support.

Mrs May has been hit by a disastrous Tory manifesto launch, which caused controversy over a policy on social care, which forced a u-turn just a few days later.

Jeremy Corbyn is enjoying the highest ratings of his campaign (Rex)
Jeremy Corbyn is enjoying the highest ratings of his campaign (Rex)

Despite their differing fortunes, Mrs May commands a somewhat comfortable lead in the best PM ratings and some pollsters argue that voters will cast their ballots for a leader in a ‘presidential’ contest rather than the party.

Only the results on June 8 will tell us for sure…