Malin Andersson creates self-help app after daughter’s death

The star's daughter died in January, after being born seven weeks prematurely.

Reality star Malin Andersson has created a self-help app inspired by her late baby daughter.

The Love Islander’s one-month-old baby girl Consy died in January after being born seven weeks prematurely.

On Sunday, Andersson posted a message on Twitter saying that she had made a “bible for self help” to help others going through difficult situations.

She tweeted: “Since Baby Consy has died I have spent day and night creating the ultimate app with my team for you all.

“It is a bible for self help, mental health, your body and soul.

“I’m hoping it can help someone that’s going through ANYTHING.

“Keep your eyes peeled.”

When one person questioned whether an app could help someone, Andersson replied: “Perhaps, but seeing as everyone is glued to their phone nowadays at least there is a positive app that can help someone in an awful situation.”

Andersson, whose mother died in November 2017 of cancer, posted a message on Instagram in January saying her daughter had passed away.

She wrote: “Completely in love with you.. and my Mum just wanted you to be with her.

“Your time wasn’t ready yet. Mummy loves you.

“I stayed with you each day.. you opened your eyes one last time for me and I saw those beautiful big brown eyes.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t do anymore.

“Go be with grandma Consy. My angel.

“Rest in peace CONSY GLORIA EMMA ANDERSSON-KEMP. 23/12/18-22/01/19.”