Mallorca hit by heavy snow as Storm Juliette hits Spain - bringing freezing temperatures as low as -15.8C to the mainland

Heavy snow has hit the Spanish island of Mallorca, with Storm Juliette sweeping across the country.

The island, a top holiday destination usually known for its warm weather and sunny beaches, has been hit with snow and cold temperatures, dropping as low as -2C (28.4F).

A red weather alert is in place due to large waves on the north side of the island, with Spanish officials AEMET (State Meteorological Agency) warning of 8 metre (26ft) waves.

Weather experts have also warned of up to 40cm (15inch) of snow could accumulate at the peak of the island's Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, with lower amounts of snowfall "even at sea level".

It comes as temperatures in parts of central mainland Spain dropped as low as -15.8C (3.5F).

In a post on Twitter, AEMET said: "It is snowing at low levels of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, even at sea level.

"Strom Juliette will continue to generate snowfall on Tuesday. On Wednesday they could be more copious in the north of the peninsula.

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"All this, with intense cold."

AEMET said temperatures also hit as low as -15.8C (3.5F) in Molina de Aragón, an area of central Spain located between the cities of Madrid and Zaragoza.

Snow also fell in the region on Tuesday, with video from the AEMET observatory showing it settling on the ground.

Weather warnings have been put in place across 30 regions of Spain by AEMET, due to the impact of Storm Juliette.