Maluma becomes a dad for the first time!

Maluma has become a dad for the first time credit:Bang Showbiz
Maluma has become a dad for the first time credit:Bang Showbiz

Maluma and his girlfriend Susana Gomez have welcomed their first child together.

The 30-year-old singer has taken to social media to announce the arrival of their baby girl, Paris.

Alongside some behind-the-scenes photos from their hospital room, Maluma wrote on Instagram: "On March 9th at 8:23 A.M. the love of our lives Paris Londono Gomez was born. Thank you all for your birthday messages and well wishes. Susana.. Love: Thank you for fulfilling my biggest dream of being a Father, I will never forget that moment. I love them [heart emoji] (sic)"

In his Instagram post - which has been translated from Spanish - Maluma is seen kissing his girlfriend on her forehead, while he is also seen cradling his baby girl in his arms.

The music star previously revealed that he was determined to become a dad one day, describing it as his "biggest goal" in life.

Maluma - who has more than 60 million followers on Instagram - told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I always dream about being a dad.

"Having a family, for me, that is the biggest goal ever."

Maluma cherishes the support of his girlfriend - but he's determined to keep their romance private.

The singer - whose real name is Juan Luis Arias - said: "It's amazing. It's beautiful. I always try to keep it super private.

"You know, like my private life is Juan Luis. I always try to keep it away a little bit, but it's almost impossible because you guys see me everyday.

"I am good, I am happy, I am very balanced, that is very important. My mental health is always good. It's the best I could get."