Mama Bear Saves Cub After Plummet Into River

A mama bear sprang into action to rescue her cub after it fell from a railway bridge into a river in Plymouth, Connecticut, footage posted on April 17 shows.

Tyler Nolan and his family captured this dramatic video that shows the bears atop a railway bridge over the Pequabuck River in the village of Terryville.

“While walking our dog in a field nearby my house, we noticed the dog acting erratically,” Nolan told Storyful.

“After noticing this behavior change, we saw a mama bear. To be safe, we returned to the house and grabbed the car to get a better view from a safer spot. When we returned, we noticed the mama bear had a cub,” he said.

The adult bear can be seen interacting with her cub before the baby drops off the bridge into the river below.

“We kept recording. You can hear the mama bear in distress, making grunting sounds and worried. It finally jumped into the river. It got the cub, and retreated back on to the shore.”

Nolan said the pair seemed unharmed and that they disappeared into the woods shortly after. Credit: Tyler Nolan via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh, my god! There's cubs!


- Oh, my god. I'm so lucky. [GASPS] Oh, my god!

- What?

- Oh, my god!

- What?

- Oh, my god, the bear just fell in the water, babe! Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

- I'm getting out now.

- Jackson, stay in the freaking car. Oh, my god. Where is it?

Now she's running for it. Oh, she's so upset! Look at her go! Look at her go! Get your baby!

- Get your little kid!


- Oh, my god.