Mama Bear Visits Connecticut Neighborhood With New Cub That's an Expert Climber

A mama bear and the tiniest of tiny cubs took a stroll on April 27 in a neighborhood of Farmington, Connecticut, before the youngster showed off some impressive climbing skills.

This adorable video was recorded by David Slimskey, who told Storyful that the mom has been a regular visitor over the past couple of years.

“This year we were met with a little surprise! A small cub was playing alongside her as she foraged for food in the woods,” he said.

Slimskey said that the cub was quite curious and at one point climbed 70 feet up into a tree, as can be seen in the video. Mother then inspected some bird feeders, which Slimskey has had to hang out of her reach.

He said that while keeping respectful distance, he and his family enjoyed “living in harmony with the wildlife around us.” Credit: David Slimskey via Storyful

Video transcript


- He's pissed. [INAUDIBLE]

- I can't believe how small the thing is.

- Yeah.