Man held at Buckingham Palace released because his 'Tazer' was actually part of a keyring

Martin Evans
A man was arrested at the visitors' entrance at Buckingham Palace - REUTERS

A man arrested at Buckingham Palace on suspicion of possessing a Taser has been released by police.

The 38-year-old - a visitor to London from the Netherlands - was detained by security staff at the visitors' entrance to the palace at about 12.45pm on Sunday.

He was arrested on suspicion of possessing a firearm, namely a Taser, and was taken into custody at a police station in central London.

Scotland Yard confirmed the man was released without further action on Sunday evening as officers were satisfied that his possession of the device, which was low-powered and part of a keyring, was a genuine error on his part, and that he posed no threat.

A spokesman said: "Officers are reminding visitors to the United Kingdom to ensure that any items that they are carrying comply with legislation in the UK.

"This includes small knives and personal Taser-type devices, both of which may be considered offensive weapons or in breach of strict UK firearms laws."