Man Shows Incredible Bravery Fending Off Late-Night Truck Thieves

A man in Puyallup, Washington, escaped serious injury after confronting two thieves who broke into his truck in early April.

Doorbell footage owned by Eric Smith shows the incident occur outside his home in the early hours of April 3.

Speaking to local media, Smith said he received a notification that someone had broken into his vehicle just after 1.30 am and immediately sprung into action. “I hopped out of bed, ran downstairs barefooted,” Smith said.

Doorbell footage shows the suspect inside Smith’s truck jumps out as Smith chases and tackles him near the getaway car. While Smith and the suspect tussle, the driver of the getaway car drives towards Smith, who jumps onto the hood of the car as it crashes into his truck.

Smith, uninjured, pulls out his phone to take photos of the suspects as they drive away.

“If they were willing to take the risk of driving and assaulting me, and possibly injuring and killing me, who knows what they would do to the next person,” Smith told local media. Credit: Eric Smith via Storyful

Video transcript


- Help! Help! Help!

- Brother.

- Come again.

- Just-- I saw someone break into my vehicle at my house.