Man bought mystery food box from Morrisons and received 72 onions

A shopper was left in tears after buying a box designed to reduce food waster, and getting 72 onions in his order.

Tim Clarke bought a mystery Too Good To Go box from Morrisons but he was stunned to get the eye-watering amount of onions. Tim got the box from the supermarket in the hope of getting a bargain.

Too Good To Go is an app that allows shoppers to get food at a reduced price before it's thrown away. It’s aimed to cut food waste, but customers don't know what they are going to get. Within the bargain box, Tim received strawberries, punnets, raspberries, blueberries, red potatoes, iceberg lettuce, one red onion and an avocado but the 72 white onions have now taken over Tim’s meal plans for the foreseeable future.

Since picking up the bag he has been frantically Googling onion-based recipes. Tim has now set his sights on using a portion of the onions in an onion pie and onion curry.

Tim, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, said: “I was quite happy as we needed onions but I was conscious that we only have a small fridge. We use onions daily but now need to find onion-based meals.

“We decided to get a Too Good To Go box to save money and be environmentally conscious. Bargain box for £3.09 we thought, however, we got a commercial quantity of onions. Very dull meals ahead.”