Man Claims He Killed Alien After It ‘Vapourised His Dog’

A video circulating on YouTube supposedly shows a panicked man examining the body of an alien who he shot after it vapourised his dog with an energy weapon.

Dr Jonathan Reed - who made the video - claims his trouble didn’t end there, as the alien came back to life, and then government agents stole all his good video, leaving only the blurred one circulating on YouTube.

But is the encounter - which supposedly happened in Washington in 1996 - really all it seems?

While Reed became a celebrity on the UFO circuit - and even published a book about his experience, many UFO fans are not convinced - saying that ‘Dr Jonathan Reed’ has refused to allow his evidence to be analysed, and that he may even be using a false name.

UFO Watchdog site says ‘It has since been discovered that “Dr. Jonathan Reed” is actually a Seattle, Washington resident named John Bradley Rutter.

‘He has lived in Seattle, Washington the entire time he claimed to be on the run from evil government agents, isn’t a doctor or a Ph.D and has no college degrees.’