Man claims he warned building was 'unsafe' months before it collapsed

Collapsed building on Walton Breck Road
Collapsed building on Walton Breck Road -Credit:Andrew Teebay Liverpool Echo

A man claims he warned Liverpool City Council a building was unsafe months before it collapsed.

The derelict barber shop on Oakfield Road in Anfield collapsed last week covering the road with bricks and debris. The building has since been partially pulled down.

Jonny, who did not want to give his surname, claims he raised worries the building was unsafe months before it fell down. He told the ECHO how over recent months he watched as the building perished, with bricks and debris falling to the ground.

The 28-year-old said how "hundreds of schoolchildren walk along Oakfield Road every day," as well as "hundreds of thousands of football fans turning up to Anfield every week," which made him fear the 'unsafe' building could have ended in tragedy.

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Jonny said: "I reported it to the council months ago because I could see stacks of bricks with nothing supporting them. I pre-empted it could have collapsed especially with the weather and wind we have been having. It has given way because the structure wasn't inspected or anything. The structure of the building was c***.

He continued: "I made a report to the council more than eight months ago, no one came out. No one has done anything about it. The council ignored the warnings to get something done.

Collapsed building on Walton Breck Road
Collapsed building on Walton Breck Road -Credit:Andrew Teebay Liverpool Echo

"There was all c*** all over the pavement from where the roof was left not completed. It's not the first building that has collapsed either, there was another building left derelict which collapsed. It is bad because the council didn't do anything about it, it's not like it's out the way it's next to a main attraction, where hundreds of thousands of people go every month."

Jonny fears the building collapsing could have ended in a fatality, with the area surrounded by many schools. He told the ECHO: "I have nephews that could have been killed, they will only act on it when someone dies but, by then someone is already dead.

"The pathway was left partially blocked by the debris, disabled people couldn't get past - even before the roof collapsed there were bricks everywhere. Why did the council ignore me? This could have been a fatality, now the fact it has collapsed. They don't think of the consequences. Someone could have died."

A spokesperson for Liverpool City Council said: “Our building control team takes all reports received very seriously and every single one is assessed and action taken if required to ensure public safety.

“Other than last week’s report, the most recent report was received this March when we were alerted to the building being open to access which we secured. We received a similar report in September about access as well as one concerning a loose fascia board which was also dealt with.

“If anyone is concerned that a building may be structurally dangerous they should report it through the council’s website”

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