Man Details Why He Is 'Eating Raw Chicken Every Day' Until He Gets a 'Tummy Ache' (Exclusive)

The individual is going viral for devouring raw chicken every day since Jan. 19

<p> Raw Chicken Experiment / Instagram ; Getty </p> John eating raw chicken, raw chicken.

Raw Chicken Experiment / Instagram ; Getty

John eating raw chicken, raw chicken.

One man is proving that he's not chicken by making it his duty to eat raw meat from the animal for as long as he can until he gets sick.

The individual, who simply goes by John on social media, has gone viral over the past several days for devouring raw chicken every day since Jan. 19, until he gets a "tummy ache."

His mission, documented each day for followers of his Raw Chicken Experiment Instagram page, is simple enough — he films himself eating chunks of raw chicken, which he then pairs with various sides and seasonings, and uploads a daily video.

And, as John tells PEOPLE, he has yet to get sick during his "science experiment."

"Whenever someone tells me not to do something, it always makes me a little interested more," he says. "... This time was with chicken."

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The poultry performance all started last month when John figured he'd "try it and see how long I could go."

The chicken often includes different ingredients, such as blended oranges, ranch dressing and pasta sauce, as John attempts to recreate popular chicken dishes without an oven or stove.

"I am getting organic local farm stuff which may give me a better shot," he says. "I decided to make the [Instagram] page and do it in a sort of funny way, because that’s the type of content I would want to see myself. I had to step up to the plate."

But John — who has previously documented a similar "raw meat experiment" on YouTube, before now being cheered on by his "chicken gang" fan base — still incorporates foods that are actually cooked into his diet.

<p> Raw Chicken Experiment / Instagram </p>

Raw Chicken Experiment / Instagram

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And while it's been over two weeks with no sign of sickness, John does admit that "there is a possibility of getting sick."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, raw chicken can be "contaminated with Campylobacter, Salmonella, or Clostridium perfringens germs" and can cause "foodborne illnesses." An estimated 1 million people get sick every year from eating "contaminated poultry," per the CDC.

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"If I do get sick, I’m hoping it’s just some liquid bowel movements and a minor tummy ache," John tells PEOPLE.

"But," he adds, "I’ve had tens of thousands of comments warning me that it can and will be worse. Only time will tell."

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