Man divides fans with simple gardening trick to avoid mowing bumpy lawn

A man mows the grass with an electric lawn mower. Hardworking owner takes care of his lawn.
People weren't keen on the hack -Credit:Getty Images

A gardener shared a unique hack to address bumpy lawn problem – but not everyone is keen on it.

Owning a luxuriously smooth, verdant lawn is every homeowner's dream. However, when reality doesn't match the imagination and lawns end up more irregular than velvety meadow, it can be a true headache.

Uneven lawns not only create an unpleasant visual effect, but also pose a potential hazard for tripping, which isn't great for energetic children or pets.

Nevertheless, one talented gardener insists he has a solution to this widespread issue. Renowned for his online gardening counsel, Davey Struggle (@daveystruggle), who boasts more than 87,000 likes, was filmed employing his lawn mower on an exceptionally lumpy landscape, before utilising sand to rectify the unevenness.

He details his strategy by saying: "Here is what my lawn looked like right before I decided to add 1000lbs of sand to it, and for good reason. My lawn was very bumpy and this is my attempt to achieve a smooth lawn using sand to level it."

Reflecting on the initial procedure, he added: "This is after my first sand application and I thought I had ruined it at this point. That was about a month ago and this is what it looks like now."

A successful result appears to be well underway, as he observed: "Most of the sand has settled down to the soil, and spring weather has brought some colour back into my lawn."

The transformation is off to a promising start with the TikTok uploader remarking: "The lawn already feels much smoother than before and just looks much better and healthier, but I am far from done."

For those keen on seeing ultimate results, Davey said: "I'll be doing another application of sand in the next week, so stay tuned and see if I can turn this lawn into a golf course. Smooth lawn."

TikTok users have mixed reactions to a gardening tip shared on the platform. While some expressed gratitude for the advice, others were sceptical about its impact on grass growth.

One user remarked: "Always best to reseed once you've laid the sand. Otherwise, it's near pointless if all you've done is levelled out and not actually helped the grass itself."

Another simply said: "Looking good," while another suggested: "Buy a new lawn. Problem solved." A different user shared their own experience: "Doing the same. Following along!"