Man Who Fell Off Cliff in San Francisco Rescued by Helicopter Crew

The California Highway Patrol said a helicopter crew came to the rescue of an elderly man who fell “30 yards from a cliff’s edge near Lands End” in San Francisco on Sunday evening, September 24.

Footage released by the CHP’s Golden Gate Division Air Operations unit shows the man being rescued by a fire helicopter rescue technician and brought to safety.

The man was then “transported to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment of injuries sustained in the fall,” the unit said. Credit: CHP – Golden Gate Division Air Operations via Storyful

Video transcript

- All right, [INAUDIBLE]. All clear. Come on. [INAUDIBLE] low brace.

- OK.

- And here we go, low brace.

- Right down in here.

- [INAUDIBLE], he was up in the tree, though.

- Oh, there he is.

- I got him. I got him. OK, so, Greg, bring the nose in.

- Yep.

- Those trees, you got him?

- Yep.

- OK. I'm gonna go over the top of this [INAUDIBLE] down, so not any lower.



- Coming left, 5, coming left, 4 kilometers.

- Watch that one branch sticking out right there.

- I got it.

- [INAUDIBLE] left, 3.

- I got room over this tree.

- Yeah. Keep coming left, 2.

- [INAUDIBLE] pretty close to that branch.

- OK, let's climb up.


- Climb up over the tree. OK, now side left. Perfect.

- About 5 up.

- All right. OK, now walk up to him. I'll keep you tight.


- All right. All right. You good? [INAUDIBLE] slack in? I'm lifting [INAUDIBLE] load of 3, 2, 1. Load is yours.

- OK, power's good.

- OK, good. Coming straight up. Greg, don't move. Easy forward, Greg, easy forward.

- Copy that. They have the victim. And they're raising him up--

- Coming up. Keep going up. Get him past these trees. Good.

All right, keep coming up. [INAUDIBLE]. Clear for forward flight. Put your low brace. All right, we'll take you back to where we were. All right.

- We're coming right. Battalion 7H30, victim's been rescued, en route to [INAUDIBLE]. OK.

- And then we'll just sidestep. Just disconnect everything. OK?


- Keep coming left, Greg. We're gonna go right in front of this fire engine right here.


- On the concrete?

- Yeah.

- OK.

- [INAUDIBLE] coming left. OK, good. Now go forward. [INAUDIBLE] cable.


- Keep going forward. Good. Keep going left.


- Good. Let's go, forward 3 or 4 feet.


- 3 feet forward. 2 feet forward. 1 foot. Touching the ground in 3, 2, 1. We should be touching the ground right about now. Victim and them are on the ground. Hey, Blake, just disconnect the whole clip.