Man flies 5,000 miles from America to eat at Nottinghamshire chippy in homage to best friend

Peter Cogan flew from California to visit the Chip Inn in Huthwaite
Peter Cogan flew from California to visit the Chip Inn in Huthwaite -Credit:Chip Inn

A man made a 5,000-mile pilgrimage from his home in California to a Nottinghamshire chippy in memory of his best mate. Peter Cogan and his pal, also called Pete, made a pact during the pandemic lockdown to visit the Chip Inn which is famed for its mega-sized takeaways.

His friend died before they were able to travel to the family-run chip shop in Huthwaite but Peter, 61, made the solo journey to check out the £28 Beast Box filled with chicken nuggets, spicy wedges, mozzarella sticks, twister fries, onion rings, garlic mushrooms, chips and cheese, and doner and chicken kebab meat, plus salad and sauce.

Peter, who was born in London and grew up in Torquay, before emigrating to the US, had watched YouTube videos of the well-known chippy in Sutton Road, which has previously hit the headlines with a massive kebab, and a chippy tea, weighing more than one stone, called the Codfather.

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The friends planned to visit, getting as far as booking flights, train tickets and a hotel but the trip had to be cancelled when the coronavirus pandemic struck in 2020. Pete died 18 months later from a non-Covid related issue.

The massive box lasted Peter from dinner on Friday night right through breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and he said it was still great even when it was cold. "It was b***** marvellous. I happily paid full price. Props to the customer next to me who gave me a ride back to my hotel so I didn’t have to call a cab."

The chippy posted about his visit on its Facebook page with the warning: "You need to get the tissues ready for this... We had a visitor from CALIFORNIA last night... YES CALIFORNIA. Now you might think maybe he was over here anyway and wanted to give us a try but no not this time.

Erdal and Megann Altinoz with the Codfather at Chip Inn
Erdal and Megann Altinoz with the Codfather at Chip Inn -Credit:Nottingham Post

"So this lovely chap and his best friend decided during lockdown that when they retired they would make the trip to England to sample one of our boxes. Sadly his friend passed away and as a homage to his best mate he came to see us. Sir we salute you... THIS IS TRUE FRIENDSHIP."

Megann Altinoz, who owns the shop with her husband Erdal, said: "It's absolutely amazing. It just shows how much our boxes travel. We really are recognised worldwide. It was such a heart-warming thing too, the man honouring his friend like that. We're honoured that he kept his word and dedicated his trip over here to us as well."

Chip Inn fans were moved by the amazing gesture honouring his friend. One wrote: "I hope you enjoyed every bite, what a sweet story, I'm sure your departed friend was right beside you the whole time."

Another commented: "I’m sorry you lost your friend. I’m sure he looked down on you and appreciated the gesture on his and your behalf. That is true friendship and difficult to find these days. Top man, hope you have a safe journey home."

Peter, who is now back home, said: "I certainly did not expect this much attention."