Man gets ultimate revenge on entitled mum who 'blocked driveway' on school run

The man was involved in a parking war outside his home: STOCK IMAGE
The man was involved in a parking war outside his home: STOCK IMAGE -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

A man has told how he got revenge on a mum who blocked his driveway whilst doing the school run.

The man who lives near to a school says he regularly has parents parking into his driveway whilst they wait for their children. But on one occasion he revealed how he managed to block a stubborn mum in his driveway after she refused to move.

The man explained his masterstroke move on Reddit which left the female parent furious, but ultimately taught her a lesson not to park in front of other people's homes, The Mirror reports.

In his full Reddit post, he wrote: "I live next to a school and I’ve had parents back up into my driveway to wait for their children. If I’m not going anywhere I don’t mind no harm no foul. One day I came home to find a woman in my driveway.

"I got out of my car and asked her to please pull out for a second so I could pull in and then you can back up where you were . She said I will only be there for a few minutes. I said 'ma’m I live here and I’d like to get into my garage'."

The man then continued to explain to Reddit users how the street he lives on is narrow and starts to get busier with cars parked on both sides of the street. He adds: "I told her that I cannot wait here a “few” minutes because I’m blocking traffic!"

The mum responded by telling him that she will be "moving in a bit" so in a response the man parked and blocks her in his driveway. He explained: "I then parked perpendicular to her vehicle blocking my own driveway and her vehicle As I walked by I told her I really have to use the bathroom and have stomach cramps."

The mum then suddenly realised she was blocked from moving and the man brazenly said she would be welcome to call the police but he wouldn't be out for several minutes. "The look on her face after she realised what was happening was priceless," he added.

However just moments later he heard a car horn and his doorbell started ringing, which was a young boy calling to see when he would be out. Instead, he took his time as he further added: "By the time I came out a “few” more minutes later, all the vehicles and students were gone. I very slowly walked past her car avoiding eye contact and got into my car.

"I adjusted the mirror, moved the car seat forward, then back slowly, started the car and moved my car forward slowly.

"All I heard was the tires screeching and the car horn honking as she left. Her windows were rolled up so I can only assume the little boy got an earful of nice words as she was leaving. My neighbours were wondering what was going on with all the honking. When I explained they said, 'oh yeah, that’s what we kinda figured'."

In response, Reddit users praised his smart parking move, one commented: "That’s almost perfect! The only thing I would have changed is instead of avoiding eye contact I would have maintained eye contact with Karen as much as possible."

Another shared: "Love this! I have a similar issue in my neighbourhood, although thankfully no one has parked in any of the driveways yet."

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