Man had already attacked three former partners when he told new girlfriend 'be quiet or I'll kill you' then strangled her

A serial domestic abuser told his victim "be quiet or I'll kill you" during a horrific attack that saw her lose consciousness twice. Tremaine Actie, 31, climbed on top of his former girlfriend before punching her, squeezing her throat and telling her she would soon "meet" a close family member who previously died.

A sentencing at Swansea Nightingale Court on Monday heard how the attack happened on January 2, just four months after the pair first met. That evening Actie became angry at the victim, smashing her phone against a wall inside her home and calling her degrading names.

Prosecutor Rose Glanville told the court how Actie continued to degrade the victim. "He then pushed her onto her bed, got on top of her and punched her to the face," she said. "Bleeding [into her eyes] prevented her from being able to see and she screamed for help."

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Next Ms Glanville told the court how evil Actie put his hand over the victim's mouth and told her "be quiet or I'll kill you". He then proceeded to put both his hands around her throat. As he strangled her, Ms Glanville described how Actie threatened his victim that she would soon "meet [her] mother" who had recently passed away.

The court heard how the victim lost consciousness twice during this time, before she woke up to hear Actie say "I just saved your life" and "you're not going to call the police, are you?"

When the victim begged him to leave, Actie threatened to kill himself. He later encouraged her to lie about how she sustained her injuries to the emergency services.

At one point, Ms Glanville said the victim video called a close friend who then called the police on her behalf. She said Actie was arrested later that evening when police found him hiding under a pile of blankets in a property.

Mug of Actie
Actie is currently locked up -Credit:Gwent Police

Describing the attack as "sustained", Ms Glanville listed a number of aggravating factors including the length of time Actie gripped the victim's throat, and the steps taken to prevent the victim from reporting his crimes. She said although no victim impact statement was submitted, the ordeal caused the victim "psychological anxiety".

Actie, of Taff Embankment, Grangetown, Cardiff, pleaded guilty to non-fatal strangulation and actual bodily harm. Ms Glanville told the court how Actie has 19 previous convictions for 28 offences. This includes four offences of violence against women, with three of those cases involving ex-partners and one involving punches to a woman’s face.

Defending Actie, Kevin Seal, said over the last five or six years Actie’s criminal behaviour had decreased. He added that Actie is “truly sorry” and “regrets his actions”. He said that Actie's guilty pleas - for actual bodily harm and non-fatal strangulation - indicate "remorse".

Taking this into account Judge David Harris addressed Actie - who attended the hearing from custody via a video link - and said there is a “significant risk” that the defendant will cause physical or psychological harm to an individual in the future, with women particularly at risk.

He sentenced Actie to two years in prison for non-fatal strangulation, with a 19 month sentence for actual bodily harm to run concurrently. He also gave Actie a restraining order, preventing him from contacting the victim for the next five years. He will serve half his sentence in prison before being released under licence. He will need to pay a victim surcharge of £228 within six months of his release.