'Arrogant' man, 29, jailed for attacking blind couple outside train station

Jake Boothman targeted a blind couple while they waited for a taxi outside Preston train station.

Jake Boothman was jailed for eight weeks for an attack on a blind couple. (SWNS)
Jake Boothman was jailed for eight weeks for an attack on a blind couple. (SWNS)

An 'arrogant' man who assaulted and harassed a blind couple outside a train station has been jailed.

Jake Boothman, 29, targeted the blind couple while they were waiting for a taxi outside Preston train station at about 1.15am on 13 December.

He made lewd comments towards the woman, leading her partner to ask Boothman to leave them alone.

The victim pointed out that he was blind and had a white stick, and felt uncomfortable about the comments, Preston Magistrates' Court heard.

Boothman then became abusive and made a number of attempts to get closer to the blind woman.

Her partner managed to block Boothman and at one stage reached out to push him away. Boothman responded by pushing the blind man and knocking his glasses from his face.

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The Magistrates Court, Preston, Lancashire
Jake Boothman was sentenced at Preston Magistrates' Court to eight weeks in prison. (Alamy)

Boothman later pleaded guilty to assault and two counts of threatening behaviour.

He was sentenced on 21 December to eight weeks in prison.

After the sentencing, Police Constable Andy Webb, British Transport Police, said: "This was a truly frightening encounter for the victim and his partner, made all the worse by the fact they were targeted because of their disability.

"Boothman's arrogance in refusing to leave the couple alone as they asked demonstrates his wilful intent to upset their evening and attempt to intimidate them.

"Boothman should be deeply ashamed of his behaviour - hopefully his sentence will give him the opportunity to reflect on his actions."