Man jailed after raping and beating partner over 16-year reign of abuse

Dean Kelly (Met Police)
Dean Kelly (Met Police)

A man has been jailed after subjecting his partner of 22 years to a terrifying reign of physical and psychological abuse.

Dean Martin Kelly, 39, from Wandsworth, was sentenced to 16 years’ imprisonment on Friday after previously being found guilty at Kingston Crown Court last November following a 12-day trial.

He was convicted of a string of offences including grievous bodily harm; actual bodily harm; criminal damage; threats to kill; assault by penetration; sexual assault and controlling and coercive behaviour.

The court heard how police received a 999 call at 8.49pm on April 30, 2022 from the victim who whispered “Police, police, please, please” before she abandoned the call.

Officers ascertained her location and attended her home address in Wandsworth.

They spoke with her and she explained how Kelly had attacked her physically and sexually. He had also threatened her with two knives – scraping and poking her legs with them.

She then managed to call police and Kelly threatened to kill her when they arrived. He told their three children, aged between 10 and 21, to “say goodbye to your mum, I’m going to kill her.”

The victim explained how the abuse had worsened recently and that she was terrified of contacting the police because of the threats he had made to kill her if she spoke to them.

She had extensive bruising covering her entire body. One hundred separate evidential photos were taken to record the abuse.

Kelly raped, sexually abused, beat, and ritualistically humiliated her over an extended period of time.

He would routinely spit at her, rub food in her hair which she had cooked for him and also spit in her food and the children’s food. He would beat her with his fists as well as use weapons, such as a belt and wire from a set of headphones.

In a statement, the victim said: “I have suffered in silence for 22 years, silenced by my own fear and too afraid to speak up thinking there was no way out after years of abuse, but there was.

“The evening I called 999 undoubtedly saved my life. Faced with two kitchen knives and being told I was going to be killed in front of our helpless children after I had been beaten and sexually assaulted that evening.

“I knew this man was dangerous and deadly serious about ending my life.

"From the vulnerable young age of 16 to 38 I have been a victim of domestic abuse and under the control of Dean’s cohesive, obsessive, possessive and controlling behaviour. He was so manipulative and treated me as his possession.

“It was the only love I ever knew and accepted. I knew it was wrong and that I deserved so much more but I was too scared and felt so ashamed. I now know this was never love."

Detective Inspector Simon Sherlock, from South West Command’s Public Protection Unit, said: "Kelly took complete control of his victim’s life and rarely let her out. His campaign of abuse has not only affected her but also greatly impacted her children.

"His behaviour was completely irredeemable and will not be tolerated. I commend the victim-survivor for having the courage to come forward and encourage anyone in the same situation to seek help.

“My officers, PCs Lally Spoto and Tara Oram safeguarded and supported the victim-survivor and her family and importantly built a relationship with her to ensure the strongest possible evidence was presented to the court.

“If you have been a victim of domestic abuse, please report it, our officers will listen to you and what you say will be treated in confidence.”

If you are a victim of domestic abuse or are worried about someone else please have the confidence to approach police or the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

If you need urgent help and cannot talk, dial 999 and press 55 to let the operator know the call has not been made in error.