Man Was Saved From Suicide Bid By Hero Dog Gnawing Through The Noose

A man attempting to commit suicide was saved by his loyal pet dog who grabbed his makeshift noose and bit through it.

Byron Taylor, 23, was drinking heavily after a messy break up and made a noose to hang himself.

He then went downstairs to write a farewell note to his family.

But when he went back upstairs he discovered that Geo had foiled him by eating through the noose.

Byron, from Slimbridge, Gloucester said ‘Geo is an amazing dog. He saved my life a few years ago. I was in a very bad place and I attempted suicide.

‘My ex-partner left me. It was very horrible. She turned all the electric and gas on full pelt and took the keys to turn it off.

‘She stole all the money and stuff. I lost everything. I couldn’t afford the rent.’

Byron Taylor, 23, and Geo the six-year-old Welsh Bull Mastiff (Picture: SWNS)

The six-year-old Welsh Bull Mastiff is now sadly suffering from a brain tumour which is now spreading throughout his body.

Byron added: ’The vet is happy for him to carry on as long as he is happy and playing, but it’s only going to be a matter of weeks.

’We going day by day. It’s a daily battle with the decision to put him down.’

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