Man Shares Dinner with Hungry Fox at London Train Station

A hungry fox was seen eating food out of the hand of a man sitting at a train station in London, United Kingdom, video recorded on December 15 shows.

Footage shared by Thomas Hill shows him portioning out some of his food to share with the famished fox, who’s seen cautiously yet repeatedly snatching a snack out of his hand.

“You’re privileged I’m giving you my dinner,” Hill says to the animal cheekily.

Hill told Storyful that after he “spotted a fox wandering around,” without thinking twice, he decided to offer the fox some of the food he had with him.

“To my surprise, the fox seemed to really enjoy it,” Hill told Storyful. “It was such a lovely moment and something that I’ll never forget.” Credit: Thomas Hill via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh, my god.

THOMAS HILL: I got chicken. [INAUDIBLE] chicken.


THOMAS HILL: One more. Yeah? Have this here.

Hey! Hey! Hey, careful. Slowly. Good boy.

- Or girl.


- I think it's a girl.

THOMAS HILL: One more bit, all right?

- Watch she don't bite you.

THOMAS HILL: One more bit, yeah? One more bit?

- Oh.

THOMAS HILL: One more bit. Want this? Do you want this? I'll put it here. Here you go.

OK, the rest is for me. Because I'm going to be hungry tomorrow.

- And she'll be hungry all the time.

THOMAS HILL: I know. I'll eat this now. [INAUDIBLE]

I'll share my dinner with you, yeah? [KISSY SOUND] Here you go. Here. [KISSY SOUND]

Hey. [CLUCKS] Ooh. One more? Hm? Come on. Mm.


THOMAS HILL: See that? Huh? [KISSY SOUND] Feel privileged, I'm giving you my dinner.

One more? Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] look. You got some [INAUDIBLE].

- I think she can hear the train coming.

THOMAS HILL: We fed him. At least you're gonna be fed. Yeah. Aw!

All right, this is the big bit. You're going to enjoy this bit. Finish it off. Here you go.