Man shares simple life hack to making stale bread fresh and soft again

Revive your stale baguette with some water and a few minutes in the oven -Credit:Getty

A man has shared a genius life hack that will bring some life back into a stale bread that you have left lying in the cupboard.

One thing that can ruin the entire meal experience can be reaching for a fresh baguette to add to a pasta dish or soup - only for it to be brick hard and stale.

If you've accidentally left a loaf in the cupboard for too long or forgotten to cover it up after having a slice, then we have the perfect hack for you.

Home chef Misha, who goes by @mishas_kitchen on TikTok, first posted this video on his page back in 2022 to his 974,000 followers. All you need to revive a stale baguette is some water out of the tap and a pre-heated oven - it really is that simple!

In the video, US-based Misha showed how stale the baguette was by squeezing it and banging it on the table. He then cut one slice off the top of the bread and began running the tap, coating the baguette in water.

He shook off the excess, showed the camera, and then placed it on an ovenproof baking tray. He then set the oven to 375F (190C) and let the damp baguette cook in there for 10 minutes.

Once the baguette came out of the oven, it was back to its soft and crispy best - with Misha able to pull the bread apart to show the soft insides.

Viewers headed to the comments section to share their surprise at how simple this hack was, while others noted that this stale loaf could've been used for other purposes.

One person said: "I would've just used it for croutons or French toast."

Another wrote: "Brilliant. I always do that and people think I'm crazy."

A third added: "Breadsurrection!"

And a fourth noted: "So true! BEST HACK EVER for saving great baguettes."

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