Man Sings to Try to Soothe Alligators Distressed by Hurricane Ian

A lucky group of alligators in Orlando, Florida, were serenaded by their carer to calm their nerves before and after Hurricane Ian, footage released by The Gator Crusader on October 5 shows.

The footage shows Michael Womer, known as The Gator Crusader, singing Beatles and Frank Sinatra classics, and even throwing in some hits from the musical Grease as his alligators hissed.

Womer told Storyful that prior to the hurricane making landfall, his alligators seemed distressed. “They were constantly hissing, which is a sign of fear and agitation,” he said. “Gators usually act up before a storm hits, so I knew they would be extra ‘extra’ with a huge hurricane approaching.”

He said that throughout his 30-year-long career working with alligators, he has noticed their positive responses to music. “When I see two alligators about to fight with each other, often if I sing to them, they will calm down and not end up biting each other!”

Womer said all the alligators were safe after the storm, and were treated to some more singing in the aftermath.

“I have even observed that, just like people, certain gators enjoy certain styles of music over other kinds,” he said. “Some gators prefer classical while others prefer rock ‘n’ roll!” Credit: Michael Womer the Gator Crusader via Storyful

Video transcript

MICHAEL WOMER: Less than 24 hours before Hurricane Ian, my alligators were looking very nervous. They knew what was coming. So to calm them down, I sang to them. I sang them everything from the musical "Grease" to the "Star Wars" soundtrack.

(SINGING) Because the power you're supplying is electrifying. OK. I get it my way.

Now we're three hours till the hurricane makes landfall. Had to drive through some treacherous conditions, but I wanted to check on my gators again.

(SINGING) And she's riding a stairway. Isn't that an awesome song? It's a long one, isn't it?

After the storm, all the alligators thankfully are all OK. They do look a little shell shocked though. I think they're kind of stressed out. So during cleanup time, here comes Paul McCartney to the rescue.

(SINGING) Don't carry the world upon your shoulder. There must be an answer. Let it be.

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