Man Slides Across Icy Parking Lot to Return Shopping Cart

A man in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, was filmed sliding his way across an icy Walmart parking lot as he attempted to return his shopping cart on Thursday, February 11.

Billie Lopez, who shot this footage, told Storyful she and her husband were “making a morning Walmart run to check the condition of the local roads” following an ice storm.

“The parking lot was so slick that my husband decided to play on the ice a little,” she said.

Freezing rain and sleet continued to fall in the region on Thursday making for dangerous driving conditions.

“While every winter storm is different, posing various challenges, these are the emergencies our public safety teams train for,” Hopkinsville’s Mayor Wendell Lynch said. “Considering the level of ice presented with this storm system, we do ask the public for patience and assistance by remaining off the roads as much as possible while roadways are being cleared.” Credit: Billie Lopez via Storyful