Man who spent $14K to turn himself into border collie reveals surprising new ambition

 (@toco.ev on Instagram)
(@toco.ev on Instagram)

A YouTuber who spent thousands in an effort to transform into a border collie has decided dogs might best be left as man's best friend – rather than man himself.

The Japanese man known as Toco spent $14,000 on a custom canine suit from Zeppet, a company that makes costumes for films, advertisements, events, and individual requests from customers.

But he is now considering trying out other animals after discovering that moving like a dog is not as easy as it looks.

Toco told Japanese outlet WanQol that the differences between human and canine bone structures make immitating dog movements difficult, but he would still like to fulfill his dream of "becoming another animal someday" according to translations by the New York Post.

A video with over 80,000 views posted to Toco's YouTube channel in December 2023 shows him trying (and failing) to take part in a dog's agility course.

At one point in the video he tries to hobble up an A-frame three times before eventually accepting defeat and rolling onto the ground, sticking his 'paws' into the air.

The latest upload on his channel with nearly 65,000 subscribers shows him completing more suitable tasks, such as hoovering and working out 1+1.

Toco meets a real and slightly startled dog (X/ Toco. Screengrab)
Toco meets a real and slightly startled dog (X/ Toco. Screengrab)

In an interview with the New York Post, the wannabe-pooch expressed frustration at people assuming his costume is a furry fetish: "This is my hobby, so I will carry on. It makes me happy and other people happy too."

That being said, Toco does not want his identity to be public, fearing his colleagues will be judgmental.

Despite his fear he is perservering in his passion, and has suggested he will have costumes of other dog breeds made including the Siberian husky, Alaskan malamute, and golden retriever.

He has also expressed interest in other animal species entirely, and is considering ordering a panda costume although he has not said if he has placed an order yet.

With a production time of 40 days for his beloved collie suit, his audience may have to wait to see what Toco will slip into next.