Man Steals Cybertruck, Leads Cops on World's Lamest Car Chase

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Chalk it up to media scrutiny or whatever, but it sure seems like Cybertruck drivers get caught up in a lot of stupid stuff. This time though, the owner wasn't to blame: on Saturday morning, a man in Delaware allegedly stole one of those distinctly shaped Tesla pickups, resulting in what must have been a comical-looking car chase that proved short-lived.

The accused is 41-year-old Corey Cohee, who allegedly jacked the Cybertruck from someone's home in the small town of Lincoln, Sussex County. The truck had a temporary New Jersey registration permit, so it must've been brand new. Extra bad luck for the owner.

Per a statement from the Delaware State Police, state troopers responded to a stolen car report around 8 am. Once they arrived at the property, the cops were able to make use of the Cybertruck's tracking app, a standard feature of Teslas, to locate the vehicle.

They found it on a dirt road not much later. But the thief hadn't bailed; he was still inside the car, just idling there for some reason. But when the cops approached, he sped off in the Cybertruck, perhaps feeling invincible inside the minimalist confines of the "bulletproof" behemoth.

Grand Heft Auto

And so a chase ensued. The police said the driver ignored all signals to pull over. One imagines the otherworldly-looking stainless steel coffin, which weighs close to 7,000 pounds, piggishly bumbling its way across unpaved roads with powerful jerks of acceleration, gracing those backwoods like a meandering UFO.

But with the cops in hot pursuit, the driver, later identified as Cohee, apparently decided to give up. He pulled over, and the cops arrested him "without incident." Cohee has been committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on a $4,002 secured bond, the police statement said. It's unclear if the Cybertruck was damaged.

Needless to say, this was a pretty hare-brained crime, audacious as it was. You couldn't name a more conspicuous looking vehicle on the road right now to steal, never mind one that can be easily tracked with an app. But there's just something about the Tesla's bold styling that provokes even bolder behavior, it seems.

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