Man tries to visit every Wetherspoons in city – but one thing causes downfall

Wetherspoon Edinburgh
-Credit: (Image: jdwetherspoon)

A local man embarked on a mission to visit every Wetherspoon pub in Edinburgh, aiming to determine the best one.

Reddit user @Top_Juice7860 undertook a solo pub crawl across the Scottish capital, managing to hit six branches of the popular chain in just one day.

The beer aficionado enjoyed a pint at The White Lady, Caley Picture House, The Alexander Graham Bell, The Standing Order, The Booking Office and The Playfair.

However, fellow pub enthusiasts noticed that one establishment was missing from his route. Explaining all, @Top_Juice7860 admitted he'd had more than his fair share of drinks and couldn't locate the final stop, Foot of the Walk.

In response, he said: "I was already 7 pints down and tried walking to Foot Of The Walk after Playfair and got completely lost. Next time I will go Foot Of The Walk and also that one in Musslebrugh."

Despite this, some suggested his pub crawl was satisfactory without the seventh pub. One Wetherspoon fan commented: "You can totally skip that one," while another praised the pub crawler, saying: "Fantastic! You've made me jealous and made me miss living in Edinburgh!"

@Top_Juice7860 disclosed that his favourite spot was either The White Lady or The Alexander Graham Bell. Others agreed that all of the pubs seemed to serve 'nice-looking pints'.

Edinburgh is home to eight Wetherspoon pubs, with The Sir Walter Scott at Edinburgh Airport not included in the Reddit user's pub crawl. Meanwhile, Musselburgh houses a single branch, The David MacBeth Moir.

Livingstone in West Lothian also has just one 'Spoons, the The NewYearField. Edinburgh and the Lothians boast plenty of other pubs, and Auld Reekie is one of the UK's top holiday destinations.