Man Upgrades To Windows 10, Wakes Up To Find His Porn Stash Exposed

A disgruntled Reddit user who upgraded to Windows 10 woke up to find that the new software had made a neat slideshow out of his porn stash, which was scrolling across his desktop.

The man, posting under the name FalloutBoS, shared on Reddit: “Loaded up WIN 10 last night and left it on to do its thing. Woke up to wife asking why I set it to rotate all my porn images right on the desk top view. I have no idea how to shut that feature off and that computer is staying shut down until I do.

“Free windows and a free trip to the doghouse. Thanks Microsoft!!!”

As with Windows Phone software, the new Windows 10 operating system uses the images from the user’s My Photos folder to create scrolling tiles on the home screen.

The Redditor later edited his post with some advice for other concerned porn-loving Windows 10 users, saying: “Don’t make my mistake, keep your private pictures out of My Pictures, no matter how deep you hide them in sub folders.”

Despite an initial grilling from his wife, the unlucky Redditor can’t grumble too much as she eventually saw the funny side: “My wife is very happy I admitted my mistake on this sub. She said I took my medicine and she now finds it quite funny. ‘Ain’t love grand?”.

Windows 10 launched last week to mixed reviews and outrage from some users over Microsoft’s decision to charge for classic game Solitaire.

(Image credit: Microsoft)