Man walks out of Wetherspoon and sees Jack Black taking a stroll

Mathew Evans with Jack Black
Mathew Evans with Jack Black -Credit:Mathew Evans/SWNS

Hollywood superstar Jack Black posed for selfies with starstruck fans who were left shocked after seeing the A-lister taking a stroll through a UK city centre. Mathew Evans, 21, says he was coming out of a Wetherspoon pub in Leeds when he saw the School of Rock star walking down the street.

The American actor was performing in the city's First Direct Arena on Saturday, May 11, as part of rock duo Tenacious D on their 'The Spicy Meatball Tour'. Mathew, an electrician, said Jack was more than happy to have photos with him and his friend but 'didn't want the attention' from anyone else.

He said: "I came out of Wetherspoon with my mate and saw someone with a bright top on, we thought it was strange so gave him a double look. We then looked at him again, looked at each other and realised it was him.

"We didn't know he was on tour, but we heard his American accent and we knew it was him, so asked for a picture. I told him that I loved his films and to keep everything up and he said 'thank you mate' and carried on walking because he didn't want the attention. I don't think anyone else walked up to him when I saw him."