Man wins 130k payout after slipping on spilt Baileys at Heathrow

Eleanor Sly
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<p>The incident happened near to a BA check-in desk</p> (AFP via Getty Images)

The incident happened near to a BA check-in desk

(AFP via Getty Images)

A man has won a £130,000 payout from airline British Airways (BA) after he slipped on a puddle of Baileys and hit his head on the floor of Heathrow Airport.

Businessman Andreas Wuchner suffered from brain damage as a result of his fall in November 2017, which resulted in his company folding in September of the following year.

Mr Wuchner slipped on a puddle of the alcoholic drink which had been spilt on the floor by another passenger near to a BA check-in desk.

The businessman took BA to court and sued over his injuries and for a loss of earnings.

Mr Wuchner was awarded a £130,000 payout as a result of the case, withJudge Simon Monty QC opening the door for him to claim a considerable amount more.

The hearing took place at Central London County Court where it was revealed that Mr Wuchner had been on a trip to Zurich and was on his way to catch a BA operated plane. It wasn’t until he was about to check in to board the plane when he tumbled over into the puddle of Irish Cream.

Lawyer Natasha Jackson told the judge, on behalf of Mr Wuchner: “This was a slip on a spilt bottle of Baileys liqueur, but unfortunately he does seem to have suffered some traumatic brain injury as a result.

“The accident took place on 11 November 2017. My unfortunate client slipped and fell on liquid on the floor while embarking at Heathrow.”

As a result, Mr Wuchner is entitled to a payout under a clause of the Montreal Convention, a law which governs financial recompence for people who suffer injuries when embarking international flights.

The payout of £130,000 is the normal compensation limit under the Convention although, should BA staff be proved to have been negligent in not cleaning up the spillage sooner, “the limit can be exceeded,” said Ms Jackson.

The lawyer went on to say that her client, Mr Wuchner, wanted to take the £130,000 as well as pushing ahead with a larger claim for loss of earnings.

She added that the businessman would seek to call an orthopaedic surgeon, a neurologist and a pain management expert to give evidence about the impact the accident has had on his life.

Christopher Loxton, who was representing BA, agreed that Mr Wuchner should get the £130,000 payout. He said:“’I am happy for judgment to be entered for the claimant with damages to be assessed.”

However, BA is arguing that there was no negligence on their part and that the business man should receive a maximum of £130,000 and no more.

The judge entered judgment for Mr Wuchner against British Airways PLC, with damages to be assessed at a later date.

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