Manchester United told Dan Ashworth solution as Jim Ratcliffe slammed over Newcastle 'nonsense'

Manchester United should 'get on with it' and pay up to release Dan Ashworth from his gardening leave at Newcastle United.

That is the view of former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan after Sir Jim Ratcliffe once again hit out at Newcastle for being 'very difficult' and 'very awkward' last week. Ashworth has been sidelined since February, but Manchester United have yet to reach an agreement with Newcastle to end the 53-year-old's lengthy notice period.

Newcastle have held firm, after initially demanding up to £20m for an influential figure with a lot of 'intelligence and information', and Manchester United have not come remotely close to matching what Sir Jim has called a 'silly' sum. Sir Jim has suggested that it is 'absurd' Ashworth could be unable to work until next year if Manchester United do not cough up, but that's what will happen unless there is a breakthrough in talks.

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"If you want Dan Ashworth, it's a really easy fix Jim: write a cheque out and pay," Jordan told talkSPORT. "He probably doesn't think he has to. He probably thinks the lure, lustre, power, influence and stature of Man United should mean that Newcastle are quaking in their boots and should deliver up Dan Ashworth lickety-split without any complications, but they don't want to and fair play to them.

"If Man United want to come along telling everyone what they are going to do then they should pay for it. They are quite happy to spend £80m on that Antony. Pay £20m for the person that's going to change the direction of travel over two seasons and three summer windows.

"Get on with it. I don't know why he's protesting or sitting there thinking, 'I don't like gardening leave and this particular nuance of the football industry. I've never seen anything like that before.' Nonsense."