Mancs react to dazzling Northern Lights display as 'bucket list' dream ticked off

Blackstone Edge Reservoir right near Littleborough, on the Rochdale/Greater Manchester/Yorkshire border
Blackstone Edge Reservoir right near Littleborough, on the Rochdale/Greater Manchester/Yorkshire border -Credit:Andrew Stuart

A magnificent solar display 'danced across the skies' on Friday night ticking off a bucket list wish for many Mancunians. The Northern Lights were an incredible sight - thanks to a severe geomagnetic storm.

While many spend thousands of pounds travelling to countries where the Northern Lights are typically on show - such as northern parts of Sweden, Finland and Norway - many Brits got to see the dazzling show from the comfort of their windows.

Some were left 'gutted' as they missed the opportunity to witness the display. Many simply slept through it.

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People living in Greater Manchester could be in luck as there is a strong possibility the Northern Lights will be visible tonight (Saturday, May 11) with the north of England tipped to get the best views.

Hundreds of people took to X to share snaps they took of the skies last night - while others posted about missing the phenomenon.

@AndrewStuart tweeted: “The Northern Lights quite literally danced across the sky tonight in Greater Manchester.”

@TheRealLozzaa said: “one of my bucket list goals was to go to Iceland and see the northern lights… Guess I don’t need to do that now."

@ryantune3 said: “never thought i’d see the northern lights from manchester.”

@YankeeDandle85 said: “Cannot believe I can see the actual Northern Lights from Manchester.”

@IrdeenaAisya said: “my first time seeing the northern lights - aurora borealis, it has always been a dream of mine. thanks to the solar storm, we could see it here tonight SO UNREAL AND SO CANTIK - Manchester, United Kingdom.”

@saiintpablo said: “Imagine it being your lifelong dream to see the northern lights and you pay thousands for an IF it shows up just for me to see it outside me gaff in Manchester.”

@nigelnathanc who missed the display said: “So while everyone in Manchester is watching the northern lights from their backyard last night, I was having a snoozefest. I hate myself.”

@korzi_uk said: “how has everyone seen the northern lights in manchester the one night i go to bed early.”

@1aurarose said: “were the northern lights visible over manchester last night? please tell me they weren’t im gutted if i missed out.”

@TammieAzure said: “slept through the northern lights (I’m incredibly jealous of people who saw them last night).”

If you’re one of the unlucky ones to have missed the colourful solar activity, fear not, because there’s a chance you will be able to see the aurora tonight.

Chris Snell, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said there were sightings “from top to tail across the country”.

According to PA, he said: “It is hard to fully predict what will happen in the Earth’s atmosphere, but there will still be enhanced solar activity tonight, so the lights could be visible again in northern parts of the UK, including Scotland, Northern Ireland and the far north of England.”

He advised those hoping to see the lights on Saturday to head to an area with low light pollution and to use a good camera, adding: “The best chance you have of seeing the lights is if you are away from street lights and areas with lots of light pollution, as any type of light does have a big effect.”

“Also, at this time of year, we are fighting the shorter length of nights, so it is unlikely that they will be visible until around 10.30pm or 11 o’clock when it gets really dark.”