'Manifestation of Danger' - Block Island Native Can't Help But See Symbolism in Dramatic Roll Cloud

Residents of Block Island, Rhode Island, were treated to the dramatic sight of a roll cloud stretching along the shoreline on March 13.

Among those there to witness the sight was local man Steven Miller, who was at the port at Old Harbor, on the east side of the island, waiting for his wife and son to arrive home on a Block Island Ferry.

His son, a sophomore at Boston College, was arriving home after the institution had closed due to the threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Storyful, Miller said, “The cloud loomed high over the Victorian-style buildings in Old Harbor, and we could see it rolling as it swept along. It somehow seemed to go along with the apprehension we all felt at the prospect of business closing and needing to stay at home because of the virus.”

He continued, “As it was a physical manifestation of approaching danger. I’ll never forget the sight, and the awe I felt at the power and beauty of creation.” Credit: Steven Miller via Storyful