Manitoba Photographer Captures Shimmering Aurora Borealis After Wildfire Smoke Clears

After the smoke from the wildfires in Canada dissipated, a photographer based in Manitoba managed to capture the mesmerizing green glow of the aurora borealis over South Indian Lake in the early hours of May 21st.

Recorded by RJ Roldan, the footage showcases the vivid green northern lights gracefully flowing across the clear Manitoba sky.

Roldan told Storyful the recent days have posed challenges for aurora viewing due to the smoke blanketing the skies from the outbreak of wildfires.

“The smoke was finally pushed in giving us a clear view of the night sky and gave us an opportunity to watch the night spectacle— the beautiful northern lights show,” he said. Credit: @rjayroldan via Storyful

Video transcript


- Look at the pink.


- Right there.

- Beautiful.